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The process of architecture is to create an experience between the physical and spiritual through thoughtful design.  Architecture is the link between anthropology and art, drawing on creativity and pushing the envelope of design, while providing a form in which the users can function and experience.  Great architecture not only does this, but also draws out the emotions of those who experience it.


I am an Architectural Designer/Project Manager who has a Master's degree in Architecture with over 8 years of experience in design and construction on the West Coast and in the Midwest.  In addition, my experience includes observations and work while studying abroad in cutting-edge design cities and in developing countries.   I have broad experience in the architectural industry, including landscape design, master planning, forensic architecture, historic preservation, and interior design, with project types ranging in both public and private realms.


I feel architecture is all encompassing, including not only the building, but the surrounding landscape and its contextual relationship.  I thrive in participating in the entire architectural process from overall concept to intricate detailing.  My goal in architecture is to influence how we view and experience the world—and our place in it—through environmentally, socially and culturally conscientious design.

Larkspur Hotel Renovation Mill Valley, CA

Braun Intertec Office Expansion Minneapolis, MN

Thesis: Threshold to the Uncanny University of Michigan

Tiny Homes Competition Chicago, IL


Marengo Lounge San Francisco, CA

Private Residence Henderson, MN

Kitchen Remodel Minneapolis, MN

Schaefer Bathroom

Bathroom Addition Minneapolis, MN

Masterplanning Hawaii and Costa Rica


Attic Remodel Minneapolis, MN

Refuge Archipelago University of Michigan Studio Project

Tsai Residence and Clinic San Francisco, CA

Vieques Visitor Center Vieques, Puerto Rico

Filipino Education Center San Francisco, CA

Willow Grove Elementary School San Diego, CA

Armstrong House Preservation St. Paul, MN

Hopkins Fire Station Hopkins, MN

Hopkins Police Station Hopkins, MN

Nurse's Lab and Classroom San Francisco, CA

Jefferson Child Development Center - Nature Playground in the City San Francisco, CA

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